Camtech Manufacturing Solutions offers many standalone services clients can utilize to bring their most challenging ideas to life. Regardless of the nature of the project, our highly skilled design, engineering and manufacturing experts work together to develop a strategy that will push the limits of production.

Our goal at CMS is to develop lifelong partnerships with our clients and vendors to ensure the highest level of quality in the manufacturing business, create and develop the most efficient procedures and technologies in our manufacturing processes to keep cost low and quality high, and to execute the highest level of practices and ethical standards throughout our business to create a healthy environment for our employees, clients, and vendors.




Robotic Systems Integration

Robotic Automation is one of the quickest ways to increase return on investment on a machine tool purchase.

We have been educating our customers on the benefits of automation.  Increased productivity and lowered costs are some of the benefits realized.  Once we address the most common myths, manufacturers are open to considering a robotic solution.

Design and Engineering Services

CMS is structured with custom system design in mind. We have fully functional mechanical and electrical departments that work in conjunction to offer our customers with the most innovative and efficient process automation solutions. Each system is built and tested in-house in order to ensure that all features work as designed and to minimize unforeseen issues.

We take pride in providing our customers with a seamless project integration process, from conception to implementation. No job is too large or small, each job executed by CMS gets the same level of attention to detail and focus on customer satisfaction.


Custom Machined Spare Parts and Tooling

CMS provides precision CNC machining services including turning, milling, and drilling. Our CNC machining services are practical options for production volumes ranging from prototype manufacturing to high-volume production runs.

CMS’s CNC machining division works with a diverse range of materials, including steel, plastic, and aluminum of varying thicknesses.  Our services are also offered as part of a complete one-stop, turnkey package, which includes designing, fabrication, packaging, and shipping.

Custom Automated Machinery

CMS manufactures custom equipment for assembling, testing and packing a wide variety of products. From initial concept through system runoff we work closely with our customer to provide quality machines which meet or exceed their requirements. Since each machine is custom built in our own facility we maintain complete control of the build process from the design phase through machine runoff.